1 the company's goals 
So fine, do it, stronger, bigger

2 Mission 
Of people into their own, contributing to society; adults of their own

3 core values, I win 
With sincere heart, to the people outside the letter 

4 talent 
Germany for the first, to the base, the hard working people to your idea of 

5 Haina rivers, greatness lies in the capacity 
6 work style 
Line true in word and resolute in deed, had

7 team will correct the concept of 
To create a happy team, happy to share team 

8 managers of self-cultivation 
Self-cultivation, others calm, steady attitude, clean corporate style

9  pragmatic, quick sound 
10 management concepts 
System first, the concept of reasonable blend of 

11 customers 
Customers are the company's

12 Quality Policy 
Excellence, flawless operation of the principle of